A Perfect Stranger

by Berlyn Trilogy

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Rik Newman
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Rik Newman Really hard to choose between Synthetic Love and The Wall for my favourite track, and there's a load more I love too :D Can't wait to see you live.. soooooon! Favorite track: Synthetic Love.
Revival Synth
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Revival Synth Real True Grit Yorkshire Synth. Excellent Production & This Album Is Currently In The Top 5 Of Best Album of 2014 For The Revival Synth Website. Well Done Guys!!! Favorite track: Can The Heart Be Saved.
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The eagerly anticipated debut album!


released February 15, 2014


Berlyn Trilogy:
Dorian Cramm - Lead vocals, synthesisers, guitar, piano
James Beswick - Synthesisers, drum programming, vocals
Faye Williams - Bass guitar, synthesisers

Steve Whitfield - Synthesisers, guitar, drum programming, vocals
Jessica Fischer - Vocals
Grant Henderson - Theremin

Mixed & produced by Steve Whitfield
Recorded at Mead Studio, Loom Studios and the house
Mastered by Dez Ford of Rocket Fuel Audio

Photography by Richard Nicholson of R7 Photography
Cover modelling by Ian Richardson
Artwork design by Dorian Cramm

Management by Andrew Watkins



all rights reserved


Berlyn Trilogy Wakefield, UK

Brooding synthesisers and vocals, propelled along by rhythmic drum-machines and bass guitar. For dancing in the dark of a retro-future. Influenced by the classic electronic sounds of pioneers such as Ultravox, Depeche Mode, Japan, The Human League and Vangelis. Berlyn Trilogy create pop music both emotive and unnerving, yet catchy and danceable, and they love performing live. ... more


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Track Name: Can The Heart Be Saved
At the top of the world
They would say it's a long way down
But if we stand on a cloud
We will make our own ground
'Cause we're just lost to the mist
We are but two strangers to be missed
If ignorance is not bliss
Then what on earth is

I won't leave, tonight
I'll be the ward of your tears 'til light
And in the morning, you will be alright
I will stay here, 'til sunlight

You call out my name
In need of love and pain
If I do it this way
Then can the heart be saved
And after the last kiss
A bite into the skin
To feel the love burning in

I'm sorry I was never there
I left you cold and alone too many times
I've been trying to survive
By committing unspeakable crimes
And I'm sorry
For these will be the things you will have to do
Things you have to do
To survive
Track Name: Leaving Notes
Here we go diving into deep unknown
And a sorry's just a moment
That we need to let go
This place is full of hope
Never sure if we've ever known
A reason why
The answer is no

And all it takes
Is not all we've known
And all we can do
Is leave our note
We're telling them why

If we promise them it's better the truth is known
A sweet surrender soured
If the moment grows cold
Here we are we're in the heat of the fold
It's better to be a some one
Than a no one at all
Track Name: The Wall
Words are quite done
Your actions have set the pace
Yesterday I survived
Today is another race
Because you're here
That's all that counts
I wouldn't die another way
And if love is your faith
I'll find my own place
In this life

There's a wall between hands
I need you here with me, here with me

I can't do this, I can't stand
I need you here with me, next to me
Track Name: Runners
I'll take a fall
As often as you need me to
I'll take a chance
But only if you ask me to
And I will take a risk
If you promise me you will
And I will run with you
If you're running too

And if we don't die tonight
We'll know we're living right
And if we both run tonight
We can make it out alright

You're worth losing my life
If I'm worth losing yours
And as the street light's fading
It's not long until dawn
Because the clock's ticking down
And we don't live long
And if we never miss tonight
Then we're living wrong
Track Name: Skylight
Stay with me for the summer
I heard you were going to go
We could hide away in each other
But then I know
What we're like around one another
There's a reason you have to go
That the lies that you told the others
But then I know

I know you, you don't want to go
I know you, you fell you have to go
All I can offer you is my love
But that is not enough
To not make you go

Stay with me for the summer
What words could describe the hole
That would be left inside
Now that I know
When you need each other
When the pain in your heart's exposed
You can comfort each other
But then I know
Track Name: Synthetic Love
I don't ever want to know if you really love me
I like the idea in my head
Synthesised instead

If it only makes amends, this isn't worth being friends
To find the pieces never fit
In my head we could have a chance

In pretend we'll act out love in my head
You'll always laugh at my jokes
In pretend please be my best friend

You are always in my view
If you were gone then you would be missed
Though in my heart my head knows what this is

Synthetic love
Track Name: Exit
A cold air enters
Like a draft from a back door
Unnoticed it rises
It falls down a dark hall
It hangs on her warm bones
The unannounced phone call
She picks up the receiver
She screams as she falls

In the middle of nowhere
A man lies by the road
He's no idea how he got there
But he wants to get home
He sees in the distance
He can just about make out
He starts to hear screaming
And he can't block it out

This world is empty to me
And I, I've seen the light
And it calls to me
This world is empty to me
Come along for my exit scene
My exit scene

Against the backdrop of a rainstorm
The sound of water hitting walls
The echo of the concrete
Signals an industrial dawn
The inventions we made
Too elaborate to fall
The machine's always watching
And it takes your coat by the door
Track Name: Departed
Like a dark wave
You'll drown if you don't ride it
In a freak town
You'll be killed if you don't like it
But don't hang around
I swear you won't survive it
The feeling is out
It's time we both departed

If the moment has come
It has come to leave
I once knew love
You've taken it from me

From the outside
It was easy just to observe this
From the inside
They tried their best to preserve it
But don't hang around
I swear you won't survive it
The city's alive
It's time we both departed
Track Name: The Drone
The house will burn to the ground
As I watch the sparks fly
The drone of the engine shall reprise
I will be leaving this place tonight
Track Name: Monument
My dear
You gave away love
You gave it a grave
What could be left to say
I only came because you're here
I only came because of fear
Will I leave the way we came
Or alone will I leave

My monument

I have been lost for far too long
Just to say goodbye
To the only sane person I have ever known
For all of my life

If we both moved on
Lived out our separate lives
Could we still belong
To this changing world, it's left us both behind
Where I can't be anyone's

Track Name: The Slow Reveal
The rain falls on her hollow face
I'll stand behind my best mistake
The streetlights put on their best display
I hear your words but your eyes betray

The slow reveal
Of how we feel

The echoes fall from a gothic arch
Lost in the distance as the sirens fight
The dull affection of a misted glaze
We stand like statues as our eyes embrace

The slow reveal
Of how we feel
Love's revealed
A wreckage of steel
Track Name: Words of a Stranger
I know where you and I always go
Under the abstract I know the pain
The city circles around the blame

These are words
These are words
These are the words
The words of a stranger

If you need any information
I am it's creator
I am the illustrator

This place is a prison, you have to get out
Don't let blue skies deceive you
Because the rain will still come down

It's a shame we always meet
The inner limits are inch and feet
It brings you close to me

Don't say things you do not mean
It's insulting to me you see
The truth is not beyond me